75+ Frequently Asked Questions About the New iPhone SE 3 (2022) (2023)

In March 2022, Apple released a new version of the iPhone SE. if you plan tobuy iPhone SE 3For yourself, your children, younger siblings, parents or grandparents, you may have some questions about this new device.

To help you find out if the new iPhone SE (2022) is worth buying, we've collected over 75 frequently asked questions about the new model.

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1) Basic knowledge

2) Appearance

3) Processor

4) Precautions

5) body

6) make a phone call

7) display

8) camera

9) Connectivity

10) Battery and charging

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11) Price

12) buy

13) In the box

14) Switch to iPhone SE

15) How it works

16) Other supplies


What's the correct official name for the new iPhone SE?

Apple has released three versions of the iPhone SE so far. they are:

  • iPhone SE - released in 2016
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation) - released in 2020
  • iPhone SE (3rd generation) - Released in 2022

On Apple's home page, product descriptions, official Newsroom articles, and other marketing, Apple simply refers to the new iPhone SE asiPhone(perhaps to keep things simple). However, it formally names them after their generation, such asiPhone SE (3e generation), on the tech specs page or when comparing the latest iPhone SE to its predecessor.

You can call the new iPhone SE iPhone SE 2022, iPhone SE 3rd Generation, or simply iPhone SE 3.

What does "SE" stand for?

There is no official statement. But Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, told Fortune that the "SE" in iPhone SE stands for "special edition

When is the iPhone SE 2022 coming out?

Apple announced the new iPhone SE on March 8, 2022. Preorders for the iPhone SE begin on March 11, 2022, and will be available to customers on March 18, 2022.

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What will the iPhone SE 2022 look like?

The iPhone SE 2022 looks just like its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2020. It also looks identical to the iPhone 8 released in 2017. In terms of basic appearance, the design of the iPhone SE 2022 can be traced back to the iPhone 6 released in 2014!

What colors will the iPhone SE 2022 be available in?

The new iPhone SE comes in three colors:midnight(Black),starlight(white) and(Product) ROOD(Red). No matter which color you choose, all iPhone SE 3 models have a black front.

75+ Frequently Asked Questions About the New iPhone SE 3 (2022) (3)


What processor does the iPhone SE (3rd generation) use?

iPhone SE 2022 hasA15 bionic chip, the same as the iPhone 13, has a 6-core CPU with 2 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, a 4-core GPU, and a 16-core Neural Engine.

Is there a difference between the A15 chip in the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone SE 2022?

Yes! There is a difference. The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have a 5-core GPU. However, the iPhone 13, 13 mini, and iPhone SE 2022 have 4-core GPUs. Other than that, there are no other differences on paper.

Is the iPhone SE 3 faster than an Android phone?

Many independent reviewers have tested Apple's A15 to outperform the latest flagship processors from Qualcomm (Snapdragon), Samsung (Exynos), MediaTek, and others. The iPhone SE 2022 has the same A15 chip, which makes it even faster than the Android flagship in terms of processor.

75+ Frequently Asked Questions About the New iPhone SE 3 (2022) (4)


What are the storage options for the iPhone SE 2022?

The iPhone SE 3 is available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

How much RAM does the iPhone SE 2022 have?

Including the third-generation iPhone SEAll models come with 4 GB RAM.

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Can I use a micro SD card with iPhone SE?

No, you cannot insert a micro SD card to expand storage on iPhones, including the iPhone SE 2022.

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Is the iPhone SE 2022 water and dust resistant?

Yes. iPhone SE (3rd generation) is IP67 rated. This makes it dust, splash and water resistant (to a maximum depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes).

What are the dimensions of the iPhone SE 2022 case?

  • Height: 138.4 mm (5.45 inches)
  • Width: 67.3 mm (2.65 inches)
  • Depth: 7.3 mm (0.29 in)

How much does the iPhone SE 2022 weigh?

The iPhone SE 3 weighs 144 grams or 5.09 ounces.

Will my old iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 8 cases fit the iPhone SE 2022?

Your old iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 8 cases should fit the new 3rd generation iPhone SE 2022 as all three phones are the same size. The placement of the rear camera, microphone, and flash is also the same. So there shouldn't be any issues with the old covers.

What is the screen-to-body ratio of the iPhone SE 2022?

Due to the larger front bezel, the iPhone SE 3 has a screen-to-body ratio of 65.4%. In comparison, the iPhone 13 Pro has a screen-to-body ratio of 86%.

75+ Frequently Asked Questions About the New iPhone SE 3 (2022) (5)


Does iPhone SE 2022 support VoLTE?

Yes. You can use VoLTE (Voice over LTE) if your carrier supports it.

Can I enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone SE 2022?

Yes. You can enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone SE 2022 if your carrier supports it.

Can iPhone SE 2022 make 1080p FaceTime calls?

With iOS 14.2 and later, iPhone 8 and later canMake FaceTime HD (1080p) video calls..However, Apple's support page does not explicitly state that the iPhone SE 2022 is "1080p," only FaceTime HD.

Can I use SharePlay on iPhone SE 3?

Yes. You can FaceTime with friends and family to enjoy movies, TV shows, songs, and other supported apps.Here is more information about it.

75+ Frequently Asked Questions About the New iPhone SE 3 (2022) (6)


What is the screen size of the iPhone SE 2022?

The screen of the iPhone SE 2022 is 4.7 inches (or 11.94 centimeters).

Is the iPhone SE 3 screen an OLED?

No, the iPhone SE 2022 has an LCD screen with IPS technology.

Will the iPhone SE 2022 have a 120Hz screen?

No. The iPhone SE (3rd generation) screen is not a ProMotion screen and has a high refresh rate of 120 Hz. It refreshes at a default 60Hz.

What is the screen resolution of the iPhone SE 2022 screen?

iPhone SE (3rd generation) has1334X750Pixel view.

What is the pixel density of the iPhone SE 2022 screen?

326 PPI (pixels per inch).

What is the maximum brightness of the iPhone SE 3 screen?

625 online.

Does the iPhone SE 3 have an HDR display?

No it doesn't.

How did the iPhone SE 2022 come about?

If you have an iPhone 8 or earlier, the Retina HD display on the iPhone SE 2022 is great. But if you've used an OLED iPhone X or newer, you'll see the downside.

Will the iPhone SE 2022 have 3D Touch?

iPhone SE (3rd generation) does not support 3D Touch. But you can long-press the iPhone screen to perform the corresponding action that 3D Touch does.

75+ Frequently Asked Questions About the New iPhone SE 3 (2022) (7)


How many megapixels does the iPhone SE (2022) camera have?

The rear camera of the iPhone SE 2022 is a single 12 MP wide camera. On the front is a 7MP camera.

Will the iPhone SE 2022 have dual cameras?

No. The iPhone SE 3 has a camera on the back and a camera on the front.

Does iPhone SE 2022 support night mode?

No. Night mode is not supported on the iPhone SE 3's front or rear cameras.

Can the iPhone SE 2022 record 4K video?

Yes. The iPhone SE 2022's rear camera can record 4K video at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps. However, the front-facing camera can't shoot 4K video, only 1080p HD video at 25fps or 30fps.

Can I use Photography Styles in the iPhone SE 2022 camera?

Yes. Photography styles are supported when taking photos on iPhone SE.


Can iPhone SE 2022 use portrait mode?

Yes. iPhone SE 3 lets you shoot in Portrait mode with advanced bokeh and depth-of-field controls. it also hasPortrait Lighting(six effects).

How much can I zoom in on iPhone SE 2022?

The iPhone SE 3 camera does not support optical zoom. However, you can use 5x digital zoom for photos and 3x digital zoom for video recordings.

Does the iPhone SE 2022 have optical image stabilization?

Yes, the iPhone SE 3 has optical image stabilization.

What features are missing from the iPhone SE 2022 camera?

The iPhone SE 2022 camera lacks Movie Mode, ProRes video recording, HDR video recording with Dolby Vision, Night Mode, Night Mode Portrait, Smart HDR 4, Apple ProRAW, Macro Photography, Macro Video Recording, and Audio Zoom.

75+ Frequently Asked Questions About the New iPhone SE 3 (2022) (8)


Does the iPhone SE 2022 support dual cards?

Yes. you canUse two SIM cardsFor iPhone SE 2022: One physical nano-SIM and one e-SIM.

Is the iPhone SE 2022 5G?

There are two variants of 5G -5G sub-6GHz(slower but more widely used worldwide) andmm golf ball(millimeter wave) 5G, which generally offers higher speeds. The iPhone SE 3 supports sub-6GHz 5G.

Will the iPhone SE 2022 have Bluetooth 5.0?

Yes. However, it does not support Bluetooth 5.2.

Can I pair Apple Watch with iPhone SE 2022?

you canPair Apple Watch with iPhone SE 2022Use the watch app.

Will the iPhone SE 2022 support Gigabit LTE?

No. iPhone SE (3rd generation) does not support Gigabit LTE. It supports LTE Advanced.

Does the iPhone SE 2022 have FM radio?

No. Like all iPhones, the iPhone SE 3 doesn't come with an FM radio. you canFM-App DownloadFrom the App Store.

Does iPhone SE 2022 support NFC?

Yes. iPhone SE 3 hasnear field communication.

Can I use Apple Pay on iPhone SE 2022?

certainly! You can set up and use Apple Pay on iPhone SE 3 to shop and pay online.

Does the iPhone SE 2022 have a U1 chip?

No. thisU1 ultrabreedbandchipSpatial Awareness is not available on iPhone SE (3rd generation).

Does the iPhone SE 2022 have a lidar scanner?

No. iPhone SE 3 nolidarscanner.

Does the iPhone SE 2022 have an IR blaster or infrared port?

iPhone SE (3rd generation) does not have an infrared blaster.

Can I use Personal Hotspot on iPhone SE 2022?

You can, as long as your provider plans to support it.

Will the iPhone SE 2022 have a headphone jack?

iPhone 7 and later do not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. iPhone SE 3 continues the tradition of no headphone jack.

75+ Frequently Asked Questions About the New iPhone SE 3 (2022) (9)

battery and charging

How long will the iPhone SE 3 battery last?

iPhone SE 2022 offers 15 hours of video playback and 10 hours of streaming video. In terms of audio playback, the figure goes up to 50 hours.

iPhone SE 3 has 2 hours longer battery life compared to video playback on iPhone SE 2020, 8, and 7. Compared to the iPhone 6s, the SE 3 lasts 4 hours longer!

Comment:All figures above are official and quoted by Apple.

Does the new iPhone SE have a Lightning port?

Yes. The iPhone SE 2022 doesn't make the switch to USB-C and still has a Lightning port like previous iPhones.

Will the iPhone SE 2022 support MagSafe or other wireless charging?

iPhone SE (3rd generation) supports wireless charging with any standard Qi wireless charger. However, it does not support MagSafe chargers.

Does iPhone SE 2022 support fast charging?

Yes. you canfast chargingAn iPhone SE 3 with a 20W or higher adapter can charge it to 50% in 30 minutes.

Is the iPhone SE 2022 battery removable?

The iPhone SE 3 does not have a removable battery.

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How much does the iPhone SE 2022 cost?

Here are the prices for the third-generation iPhone SE when it's released in 2022:

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  • U.S:64GB: $429┃128GB: $479┃256GB: $579
  • Virtual knowledge base:64GB: £419┃128GB: £469┃256GB: £569
  • European Union:64GB: €529┃128GB: €579┃256GB: €699
  • Australia:64GB: AU$719 ┃ 128GB: AU$799 ┃ 256GB: AU$969
  • inside:64GB:¥43900┃128GB:¥48900┃256GB:¥58900
  • VAE/Dubai:64GB: AED 1.849┃128GB: AED 2.059┃256GB: AED 2.479

The above prices are current prices. They do not include trade-in, express delivery or other discounts.

How much does the AppleCare+ service plan for iPhone SE 2022 cost?

In the US, AppleCare+iPhone SE (3rd generation) cost$ 79And AppleCare+ has theft and loss charges$ 149. AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss provide a two-year warranty.

Informative: Should you buy AppleCare+ for your MacBook Pro?

Can I depreciate my smartphone while buying an iPhone SE 2022?

You can trade in your existing iPhone 6s with an iPhone 12 Pro Max while buying an iPhone SE 2022. Get up to $100 off your iPhone 8 when you trade it in. In addition to iPhones, you can also trade in Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones for instant discounts. You'll see all trade-in options when you place your order on the Apple website.


Where can I buy iPhone SE 2022?

You can buy iPhone SE 2022 from physical Apple Stores, Apple Online Stores, Apple Authorized Stores, your carrier store, and almost all leading offline and online stores in your country.

Can the iPhone SE 2022 get an international warranty?

Yes. All iPhones, including the iPhone SE 2022, come with an international warranty.

in the box

What's in the iPhone SE 2022 box?

You'll get earpiece, USB-C to Lightning cable, and documentation file (with Apple sticker). There's no charger, earphones, Lightning to 3.5mm dongle, or anything else in the box.

Will we get a charger in the box with the iPhone SE 2022?

The iPhone SE 3 does not come with a charger in the box. You can use any existing Apple or third-party charger, or purchase one separately.

Will we get AirPods or EarPods on the iPhone SE 2022?

There are no EarPods, other headphones, or AirPods in the box with the third-generation iPhone SE. You can buy them separately.

75+ Frequently Asked Questions About the New iPhone SE 3 (2022) (10)

Switch to iPhone SE

Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 6, 7, 8 or SE 2020 to iPhone SE 2022?

In addition to improvements such as the camera, the iPhone SE 2022 also features the latest A15 Bionic chip, which makes it much faster than the older iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 8. Trade-in for an iPhone SE 3 is a great option.

Is the iPhone SE 2022 future-proof?

Yes. The iPhone SE is expected to receive at least four to five years of iOS updates, making it future-proof. You may need to replace the battery over time, but overall, this solid phone with a powerful processor will last you for years.

Is the iPhone SE 3 a good deal?

The iPhone SE 2022 is the most affordable iPhone currently available. It's built to last with the latest and greatest A15 Bionic chip. 5G support is another useful addition. Starting at $429, it's a solid buy, though a poor-quality screen, an aging case design, and a less-than-impressive battery hold it back.

Should I buy the new iPhone SE 2022?

If you have an iPhone 6, 6s, 7 or 8, buying the new iPhone SE 2022 will be the right decision. If you have an iPhone SE 2020 and the battery doesn't last, you can trade it in for a new 2022 model. However, if you own an iPhone XR, 11, 12, or 12 Pro, you can skip the iPhone SE 3 because, while powerful, the chip often feels like a downgrade.

How to switch from old iPhone to new iPhone SE 2022?

Create iCloud or computer backupsFrom your old iPhone, you can restore a backup to your new iPhone SE 3 while you're setting it up. You can also move data when setting up a new device.

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How to switch from Android to iPhone SE 2022?

living habitGo to iOSandroid app, you canMove your essentials with easeSuch as contacts, message history, photos, videos, photo albums, email accounts, files and folders, calendars, accessibility settings, display settings and most free apps from Android phones to iPhone SE 2022.

75+ Frequently Asked Questions About the New iPhone SE 3 (2022) (11)

How to do it

How to take a screenshot on iPhone SE 2022?

Simultaneously press the lock button on the side and the home button on the frontscreenshotOn a third-generation iPhone SE.

How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone SE 2022?

You can access it by tapping the flashlight icon in Control Center and swiping up from the bottom of the iPhone SE 3 screen.

How to restart iPhone SE 2022?

damnRestart your iPhone SE 2022, press the power button on the side and drag the power off slider to the right to turn it off. After waiting a few seconds, press the same side button to turn on the device.

How to reset iPhone SE 2022?

you canresetOn a third-generation iPhone SE, via Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset.

How to hard reset iPhone SE 2022?

you can do thisForce restart iPhone SE 3rd generation.

Other supplies

Does iPhone SE 2022 support Back Tap?

Yes. iPhone SE 2022 supportclick back.You can set a double or triple back tap to perform an action by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap.

Will the iPhone SE 2022 have Face ID?

The iPhone SE doesn't have Face ID. It has a Touch ID sensor for authentication.

Is Touch ID fast on the iPhone SE 2022?

Yes. iPhone SE 2022 features second-generation Touch ID, which lets you quickly unlock your device and authenticate purchases.

Does iPhone SE 2022 support Dolby Atmos?

iPhone SE 3rd generation does not have Dolby Atmos audio playback.

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Can I use Apple Pencil or other stylus with iPhone SE 2022?

No. You can't use the Apple Pencil or any other stylus with the iPhone SE 3rd Generation display.

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Is it worth it to buy an iPhone SE 3? ›

The iPhone SE is a great pick even in 2023. The third generation of SE was showcased with the iPhone 14, so one can't be blamed for missing out on some details. However, that doesn't mean the smaller phone model is a bad deal. Let's look at the specifications and areas sacrificed to save on the costs.

How long will iPhone SE Gen 3 be supported? ›

How long will my iPhone be supported?
ModelRelease dateSupported
iPhone 13 / 13 miniSep 24, 2021Yes – Until 2028
iPhone 13 Pro / Pro MaxSep 24, 2021Yes – Until 2028
iPhone SE (3rd generation)Mar 18, 2022Yes – Until 2029
iPhone 14Sep 16, 2022Yes – Until 2029
24 more rows
Sep 30, 2022

Can I charge iPhone SE 2022 with old charger? ›

You don't need a charger from a specific brand to charge your iPhone SE 3. Both chargers from Apple and chargers from other brands are safe and work just fine. It's important that you choose the right type of fast charging. This determines how fast you'll be able to charge your device.

Is iPhone SE worth buying in 2022? ›

Apple supports its phones with software updates for many years, and the processing power inside the iPhone SE (2022) means it'll have no problems with apps or general performance for a significant length of time. It's highly advisable to buy a model with as much storage as you can afford, though.

Is iPhone SE or iPhone SE 3 better? ›

While the two devices have the same design and are equipped with the same camera system (single 12MP lens), display (326ppi), and home button, the SE 3rd Gen features an improved processor (A15 Bionic chip) also found on the iPhone 13. Another major advantage the iPhone SE 3 has over the SE 2 is 5G compatibility.

Is the iPhone SE still a good phone in 2023? ›

It's the least expensive iPhone you can buy, and for its $429 starting price, it includes some major feature upgrades most midrange phones don't offer, like wireless charging, a flagship processor, and an IP67 rating for good water and dust resistance. For sheer ROI, the iPhone SE is a fantastic choice.

How do I transfer everything from my old iPhone to a new iPhone? ›

Quick Start: Use your iPhone or iPad to automatically set up a new device. iCloud: Transfer your data and purchased content to your new device from your previous device's iCloud backup. iTunes or Finder: Transfer your data and purchased content to your new device from a backup you made with iTunes or Finder.

Will Apple stop supporting iPhone SE? ›

This means any phones introduced in 2016 or earlier, including the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and iPhone 7, won't be getting Apple software updates anymore. It's not an unexpected move, given that the company regularly retires software support on older devices.

Why does the iPhone SE not come with a charger? ›

As Apple explained during its iPhone 12 event a few years ago, excluding the power adapter reduces the size of the box. This means 70% more devices can fit on a shipping pallet on their way to users, allowing the company to stock shelves faster and reduce yearly carbon emissions by 2 million metric tons, it says.

Does Apple replace chargers for free 2022? ›

Customer safety is always Apple's top priority, and we have voluntarily decided to exchange affected wall plug adapters with a new, redesigned adapter, free of charge. We encourage customers to exchange any affected parts using the process below.

Does the iPhone SE 2022 have a headphone jack? ›

The iPhone SE 3 (2022) doesn't have a headphone jack, nor does it come with earphones in the box.

What are the disadvantages of iPhone SE? ›

Design is painfully dated and color options are limited. 5G networking does not support mmWave. Relatively low quality camera compared to more expensive iPhone models. Battery life is significantly worse than physically larger iPhone models with bigger batteries.

How many years will a new iPhone SE last? ›

But unlike its rivals, it has Apple's top chip, 5G, the latest version of iOS and will, crucially, be supported for a very long time with software and security updates – it should be safe to use for seven years or more.

What is the battery life of the iPhone SE 3rd generation? ›

The new iPhone SE does offer a larger battery. The iPhone SE 3 promises to offer 15 hours of video playback against its iPhone SE 2nd Generation, and even the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. The audio playback that the new iPhone offers is up to 50 hours which is 10 hours more than the iPhone SE 2.

Is the iPhone SE 3 old? ›

When was the 3rd Gen iPhone SE released? The iPhone SE 3rd Gen was released on March 18, 2022.

What is the iPhone SE 3 equivalent to? ›

The third-generation iPhone SE has the same dimensions and form factor as the second-generation iPhone SE. The iPhone SE has a similar design to the iPhone 8 and similar internal hardware components to the iPhone 13 series, including the A15 Bionic system-on-chip and 5G connectivity.

Is iPhone SE 3 faster than iPhone 13? ›

The iPhone SE 3 and the iPhone 13 enjoy the same A-series chip, the A15 Bionic processor. There are no significant differences in performance, especially considering that both have 4GB of RAM. However, surprisingly, the SE 3 can timidly outscore the 13 on the Geekbench 5 CPU benchmark.

Which iPhone is the best to buy in 2023? ›

This year's best overall iPhone currently goes to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It's a mouthful, but for good reason. The 6.7-inch model is the largest of the iPhone 14 line and comes stacked with the latest features that Apple has to offer.

When should I replace iPhone SE? ›

Now that you know how long your iPhone should last, check out the signs below that it's time to upgrade your device now.
  1. You Never Have Space on Your Phone. ...
  2. You Can't Download the Latest iOS Version. ...
  3. Your Battery Drains Too Fast. ...
  4. You Can't Use the Latest Chargers and Accessories.
May 7, 2023

Do I put my SIM card in new phone before transferring data? ›

Regardless of the device you're switching from, don't switch your SIM card until the entire transfer is complete.

Do I need to backup my iPhone before upgrading? ›

Find out what's new in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. However, there is always a risk of data loss when upgrading system software. Therefore, it's important to backup before upgrading your iPhone or iPad.

How do I transfer apps from my old phone to my new phone? ›

Methods include using the built-in Android Backup and Restore feature or using the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app if it's pre-installed on your device.
  1. Use the Android Backup and Restore Feature.
  2. Restore Your Data to the New Phone.
  3. Use the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile App.
  4. Backing Up and Restoring Games.
Mar 20, 2022

What iPhones will stop working in 2023? ›

Apple is said to drop software support for three iPhones in 2023. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X may not get iOS 17 update.

Will there be a new iPhone SE in 2023? ›

In February 2023, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple is moving forward with a 6.1-inch OLED display for the iPhone SE 4. Overall design and features are expected to be similar to the base iPhone 14 (which will be a 1.5-year old model by the time the SE 4 is released).

What is the oldest iPhone that is still supported? ›

As of 2023 Apple supports the last two versions of its operating systems for bug and security updates: iOS 16 and iOS 15. All phones that could run iOS 14 and iOS 13 are able to run iOS 15, so that means all phones from iPhone 6s forwards are supported.

Is there a user manual for iPhone SE? ›

You can view the iPhone User Guide in the Safari app , or download it to the Books app so you can read it even when you're offline.

How do I know if my iPhone SE is 2nd or 3rd generation? ›

You can check what iPhone model you have in the Settings app. New iPhones list the model name in Settings, while old iPhones will only give you the model number.

Will iPhone SE 3rd gen price drop? ›

How much does an iPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022 cost? iPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022 prices start at $206 and cost $281 on average as of May 2023. iPhone SE 3rd Gen 2022 prices will continue to get cheaper over time. Apple phones hold their value well, but prices will continue to drop as time passes and new models are announced.

Is the iPhone SE 3rd generation better than an 8? ›

The most notable difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone SE is their processor. Apple equipped the iPhone SE with the A13 Bionic chip, which is ~40 percent faster and two generations newer than the A11 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 8.

Which is better iPhone 13 or SE 3rd generation? ›

The iPhone 13 boasts twin 12Mp cameras (f/1.6 Wide and f/2.4 Ultra Wide) as opposed to the 12Mp f/1.8 main camera on the iPhone SE. The 13 also offers a 2x optical zoom rather than the 5x digital one on the SE.

Is the iPhone SE 3rd gen waterproof? ›

The iPhone SE features an IP67 dust and water resistance rating, which means it is entirely dust proof and able to withstand one meter of water (3.3 feet) for up to 30 minutes.

Does iPhone SE 3 support 5G? ›

Does the iPhone SE 3 support 5G networks? Apart from Apple's A15 Bionic chip, one of the main selling points of the iPhone SE 3 is 5G support. Indeed, this affordable phone can take advantage of 5G networks if you live in a supported region.

Does iPhone SE 3rd gen have 5G? ›

The new iPhone SE gives you: The A15 Bionic chip for up to 1.2x faster graphics than A13 Bionic. A battery that delivers up to 2 more hours video playback. 5G for faster streaming, multiplayer gaming, and downloads with less lag.


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